Friday, February 17, 2012

When in Rome... Ski!

* Remember, these are from last year.  I have nearly identical shots with children a year older that I'll post soon.  Still thinking I'll catch up...

When in Rome...

I figure the best way to thrive in a wintry state, as we do, is to find a pastime to keep us happy and active that helps pass the time during the cold months.  It is quite a bit of work to get the girls skiing, but I'm finding ways to be positive about it.  Being outside in the mountains really is quite therapeutic, and I'm finding I really do love it!

Millie accompanied us as we took Big to her lessons at Alta, and begged to join in.  She's too young for regular lessons, so we just brought up a pair of hand-me-downs and drug her around.  After just a few paces, she insisted on doing it herself!  It is comical to see such a little body on the slopes.

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