Saturday, January 5, 2013

Figuring it All Out

I'm not really figuring it all out.  Just blog stuff.

Last year for Christmas I got a new computer.  I had trouble navigating how it changed my blogging routine, so I just stopped doing it.  And that's ok, because the primary purpose of this blog is not for public consumption.  However, my family journalling (which is the primary purpose) fell into a dreadful funk.  

Now I've tackled a few of the glitches.  That means (slowly) performing maintenance on my family documentation.  If you're a Reader reader, you may get things way out of order.  Sorry.  But so glad I'll be able to save a few more memories for our little fam!

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Marianne & Clayton said...

I too had to figure out a computer mess to blog again. It can be done! (Too many pictures, too disorganized etc...) I am still about 4 months behind but plan to get to Christmas by the end of the month. Or, you know, maybe Feb.?

Good luck to you! I very much look forward to your posts!