Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Concert Date Night

I love Date Night!  Sophie got involved this time, helping me pick my outfit and joining me for makeup.  (note -- she did not actually go out of the house looking like this, but I didn't mind allowing her a little supervised creative expression).  Doesn't it feel good to get dressed up, accessorized and perfumed for a night out sometimes?!

My Christmas present to Mister was two tickets to Brad Paisley at the Maverik Center a few weekends ago, and I'm glad he chose to use his Plus One on me (wink)!  Our seats weren't bad, but they were seats, so we got a little jealous of the revelry closer to the stage on the floor.  We know all his songs, after all, so we were in the mood to party!  Lo and behold, I saw an employee handing out spare floor tickets, and I ran after him to get some!  Score!

Turns out, we were placed near the sound booth, where Kimberly Williams-Paisley (of Father of the Bride) watched the show with her special guest, "Cam" from Modern Family.  Even better, partway through the show, Mr. Brad walked through the crowd to a mini-stage right next to us!  See how many people are between me and the stage?  One -- a security dude.  So fun!

Also loved opening acts, The Band Perry and this cute little dude...

What a blast!  Made me feel young again, certainly reminded me how much I love to spend time with my husband.  Oh my goodness!  Speaking of reminders -- guess who showed up in sparkles for the duet "Remind Me"?  Yup, Carrie Underwood!  Wow, she's beautiful and such a good singer!

The only other time I've seen Brad Paisley live was a totally different experience.  I was homesick living in New York City, and there wasn't even a country music station on the radio to comfort me.  A small ad in a local paper mentioned Paisley would be performing for only a cover charge at a little dive, so I rounded up a few fellow interns (and our faculty advisor!) and we went.  There were maybe only fifty people at the show, and I remember he introduced a song he wrote for his new girlfriend who was there with her parents -- Kimberly Williams.

I've also seen Scotty McCreery live, an event I've never journaled but really ought to, from the balcony of the American Idol stage last May with these gals --

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