Thursday, November 10, 2011

All She Wants

For those on Reader, there is a video attached.

Our Kiddo had two teeth pulled this morning -- her first babies to kick the bucket.  She had an adult tooth growing in behind, so her Uncle/Doctor Scott advised us that it was time to say goodbye.  We prepped by checking out The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss at the library.  She was outwardly brave, but quietly admitted some fear, about the whole ordeal.  She brought her blankie, and laid it close to her heart for emotional support.  Afterwards, all she said was "Owie."  She showed her new gap all over the Kindergarten playground this afternoon, and quickly became the class celebrity.

Thinking the circus looked like fun, Millie wanted "her turn" and independently hopped right into the chair while Sister was digging through the treasure box.  An unplanned first trip to the dentist, she willingly opened up and had her teeth counted.

So once I'm done with all this silly typing, I'm going to play Tooth Fairy (shhh).  When my little one wakes up, she'll find a trail of glitter "fairy dust" from her windowsill across her bed to her pillow, where she'll unearth a couple of bucks and two itty bitty sprinkled cake bites from Sweet Tooth Fairy.  Oh, the magic!

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Marianne & Clayton said...

It's so fun to see video of sweet S! She is a whole new girl to me. Sad! I hope I get to see your sweeties over the holidays!