Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where We've Gone

Eeeks!  Where has the summer gone?!  I dunno, but I do know where we have gone: the cabin.  Because we take off many weekends, this means we don't get as much blogging done or other family members visited or chores accomplished, but knowing how genuinely happy my little family is in this special place makes it difficult to drag them anywhere else but our paradise.  Still, by summer's end, I'm exhausted!

The girls have loved riding the tube behind the boat.  Only minor hesitations about speed occasionally.  One weekend, we tie dyed t-shirts on the back lawn -- the girls were proud of the results (note: will never tye-die without squirt bottles again; it was so much tidier than dipping in buckets like Girl Scout Camp circa 1988).

We were around when Dutch John hosted their Independence Day festivities, with a pancake breakfast (Mister and I rode our bikes there!) and wagon rides and a petting zoo.  We staked a spot for fireworks early, and Mister entertained the littles with toddler-appropriate card games and bubbles.  In real small town style, there were mule rides instead of ponies, Millie's first ride in a saddle.  While on the subject, Sophie has gone to visit the horses at Red Canyon a few times this summer, made friends with sweet Wayne the One-Toothed Cowboy, and rode on the trail on the requested paint horse.



This last pic isn't our kid, obviously.  He belongs to Michael's sister.  I just couldn't pass up documenting the bed + boat hair.

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Alicia said...

Cabin life sounds fab. Jealous.