Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rapunzel Birthday Party

There was no discussion, no himming or hawwing, about what type of birthday party my long-haired little girl wanted.  Rapunzel's Tangled.  Period.  Done.

We stuck to the purple and gold theme like the film, with splashes of pale pink.  Above, the entry to our home with a homemade banner that mimics the one in Rapunzel's towne square, with a note on our wreath directing little guests to our backyard.  I made a coordinating "Happy Birthday" banner that hung between our garage and back porch, but I don't have a good photo of it.  We hung pale yellow rectangular lanterns from purple ribbons on our tree in front  and the porch in back.

One of the great elements of Tangled is the artwork, so we tried to inject that into the party.  As guests arrived, they covered our driveway with their sidewalk chalk creations, much like the little girls at the local celebration in the show.  They got really into it!  

Three of my gorgeous nieces, who I swear could pass for Disney princesses themselves, traveled to the party to braid and decorate every girl's hair.

For the hair station, I set out plenty of bobby pins and rubber bands plus a tulle and ribbon hair flower for each guest as a favor.  I also picked up purple brushes at the dollar store so each girl could take one home, plus I wanted to avoid brush sharing between girls.  After braids, every girl got a plastic tiara similar to the one made famous in Tangled, all piled in one of my handbags that amazingly resembles Flynn Rider's leather satchel in the film.

Naturally, during all of this, the guys were beyond giddy.

Actually, we did have a token few little boy buddies who came, so instead of tiaras they went home with foam swords I'd like to think the ruffians might have carried.

Purple frosted cupcakes were displayed in iron skillets.  Get it?!  They were flanked by vases with floating golden day lillies from our garden that resembled the famous flower from the show.  I don't have a great shot of the actual birthday cake, frosted in purple with a yellow frosting braid that wove across the top.

I like a little "calm" time at a kids party.  The kids had art time, with coloring pages I printed from Disney.  Rapunzel herself even showed up to read the girls "Rapunzel's Amazing Hair," a cute rhyming picture book.  To be honest, Megan in a kid's Tangled wig was stretching it as Rapunzel, but the kids totally bought it, all competing to wiggle next to her for the photos.  

Another hit with the littles was this game we made up -- Pin the Nose on Flynn Rider.

So, um, that's it.  Blog little Boo's birthday party:  check!  Kiddo was so totally happy with her day, and I think her friends were, too.  I'd do it all over again (and probably will) for such a great little girl!

BTW, anyone want this stuff?  I paid good money and spent lots of time for the lanterns and ribbons and Flynn Rider poster and the banners and stuff, I'd hate for it to go to waste.  Contact me if you're interested.  I'd love for it to go to a good home and make more little girls very happy.


Dustin and Laura said...

What a fun birthday! You're so creative.

JenSwen said...

That is incredible, Allison! No surprise that you planned and executed such a dream-come-true party. Kate wants a Rapunzel party too, so I may be copying some of your ideas! (And if no one local is in the market, I will totally reimburse you shipping costs for some of the smaller items you made.)

Traci Michele said...

So great! Look how our daughter's party turned out:

Isn't it fun to have girls!


Suzette said...

Hello, Im having a Tangled Theme for my daughter's 5th birthday.....would love if you could give me your left over stuff!!! Do let me know how i can contact you.

The Jensen Five said...

Where did you get the noses for the pin the nose of Flynn Rider game? Do you have a link? Thanks

Stephanie said...

I am planning a Rapunzel party for my little girl in July. I would LOVE your decorations if you are willing to pass them along. Please let me know if they are still available!