Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini Royalty


Last weekend, Sophie was crowned Mini Royalty for the Days of '47.  The girls and boys were chosen in three age groups through a casual interview with the official royalty.  Sophie was shy and adorable, swinging her cowboy boots under the chair and twirling her curls with her fingers.  She was thrilled to get an autographed promo portrait of the royalty.  They asked her what she liked to do in the summertime with her family and what was a good safety rule.  When asked how she might help a friend, she said she'd get them a band-aid if they were hurt.  And when they asked her about pioneers... silence, even though she had been singing "Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked" the whole car ride down to the fairgrounds!

As the winner of the 5-7 year old division, she earns the title of 2nd attendant to the queen, the winner of the oldest category.  She was a little reserved when she went up to get her crown (bestowed by Megan).  After, she whispered "Mom, I'm so happy I won!"  She gets to ride on a fire truck in the Youth Parade in downtown SLC on Saturday (televised on KUTV2).  She also won some goodies from Radio Disney, including the advance screening tickets to Winnie the Pooh, which we enjoyed as a family before Michael left for scout camp.

On the way home, it was just the two of us.  "Mom, I have a great idea!" she said so innocently.  "I could get pictures of myself, and since I know how to write my name, I could sign them and give them to kids just like the big royalty!"  I just about snort-laughed.  Love that kid.

I'll post more pics after the parade.  Here is the Salt Lake Tribune piece, including a really cute little video, in which you see a snip of Sophie's interview and her little highness's royal coronation. 

P.S.  While we're talking princesses, I'm sorry -- I love Kate Middleton's style.  The three-quarter sleeves, nude pumps, lace embellishments in cream and navy.  I don't consider myself a "royal watcher."  I haven't followed the events or interviews.  BUT, I happened upon the What Kate Wore blog, which details her divinely preppy/classic/feminine outfits, and I've decided I fancy her modern fairytale look.  So much more relatable to my own personal leanings than anything some crazy tinseltown celeb might be half-wearing at the moment.  


Katie said...

Yay Sophie! (And how ridiculously adorable is she??)

I loved the video - The royalty's encouraging responses were as cute as the children's replies.

Marianne & Clayton said...

I second what Katie says. S is the cutest thing ever, I just wanted to see more of her! Congratulations, wish I could be there for the parades!