Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Power of Post-It Notes

During the April 2011 General Conference, I was particularly touched by an address on the blessings of marriage by Richard G. Scott.  He told a story about how his beloved wife treasured his silly little love notes.  "When she passed away, I found in her private things how much she appreciated the simple messages that we shared with each other....  She not only kept my notes to her, but she protected them with plastic coverings as if they were a valuable treasure."

It really is the little things that make life magical.  Mine are three inches squared.  

Every so often, I get a surprise scribbled sticky note with words of affection or encouragement from my husband.  It means more than just a scrap of paper to me.  I know he's doing this so selflessly, because words are not his default love language.  I document them today for nobody but me, because I never want to forget.

I found this one by the door knob when I was tiptoeing out the door for a 3 am call time for work. 

Recently, when I was sick and asleep in bed, he snuck in and stuck these on the ceiling.

A little someone has been watching.  She sees how much the notes mean to me, how I squirrel them away gently in a little drawer by my bed.    The other day I found this treasure stuck on my night stand.  I think I'll have it framed.


veryheatherly said...

Really sweet.

Alicia said...

These ARE little treasures. I loved that talk too and was genuinely touched by the affection his little notes brought him.