Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Let the month of birthday festivities begin!  Tonight, we celebrated the first Junebug birthday of the month -- our baby is turning two!


We partied with family at the Country Club summer BBQ on the patio.  Nothing like ringing in Ano Dios with a classic Shirley Temple (or as the girls call it, pink sprite).

Millie is an adorable toddler, always up for a good time.  She's got this silly sense of humor!  The kid is at the super entertaining stage where she will try any word you challenge her to say, and parrots what others say.  When we tell her "You're cute!" she dances around yelling "I'm cute!  I'm cute!"  She wants to do whatever Big Sister is doing; they make a sweet little team.  She has a funny crush on our car, blowing it kisses in the parking lot, but hates being strapped in her seat.  She's developing strong preferences, and the tantrums surface from time to time.  Her favorite foods are pretty typical for her age, turkey and yogurt and chocolate milk.  Still attached to blankies... and daddy.

Opened presents in the backyard after dinner.  The big hit, promptly confiscated by the bigger kids, was a play newscaster set.  Sophie reported on the strawberries, and predicted rain.

Since all our family's girl birthdays are in June, I thought I'd like to plan my flowerbeds to bloom this month.  I need to remember to add more peonies.  Look -- perfect timing!

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veryheatherly said...

I love the microphone and camera! Where did you find them? Really, really cool.