Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Music Infusion

I've become acutely aware of my uncoolness.

Exhibit A: my previous sentence -- so completely, shamefully uncool.  I'm feeling less chicks-laugh-over-fancy-dinner-wearing-cute-heels flick and more family-vacation-gone-hilariously-wrong movie.  I am amused by how far behind I am, so I started by infusing my tired and outdated music collection.*

Haunted by the Grammy performance by Mumford and Sons, Mister picked up their album.  So awesome!  We blasted it in the backyard continuously today while digging and planting vegetable starts (See?  I start to feel cool, then I type stuff like "while planting vegetable starts").

I also finally got two of the She + Him albums.  So vintage, but feels current.  And best of all, clean and fun.

* still accepting suggestions.  Tell me: What should I try?  What do you love?  And I may be losing it, but I won't go Gaga.

** I realize to some, this post may prove I'm even more uncool than previously assumed.  Shrug.


Marianne & Clayton said...

We love Mumford & Sons! Just skip track 7 when blasting outside, ha ha. You might like Dawes- they're in the same vein as Mumford but with a bit more alt-country, kinda like My Morning Jacket. I love, love, love Grizzly Bear, would recommend all their stuff. John Vanderslice, Jose Gonzales, Interpol's last album was awesome as is Radiohead's latest. Sufjan Stevens, Ra Ra Riot, Schuyler Fisk, The National and I could go on and on.

Alicia said...

Don't ask me. I am the lamest of the lame.

Katie said...

Oh, I am loving these! Seriously! Please make this a regular series. I am hungry for more cool in my life too.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Oh! Today I thought of two that I forgot that should totally be on this list. You probably know most of these, but I can never shut up when it comes to music.
Fleet Foxes- completely brilliant. Go buy everything if you don't already know them, and...
Beirut. Beirut is a bit of an aquired taste though, so if you don't already like them start with downloading the songs "Sunday Smile" and "Nantes".

I really wish I lived in Utah so I could just make you a mix.

Marianne & Clayton said...

That would be acquired. I hate typos.