Monday, May 30, 2011

Muddy Memorial Day

Memorial Day -- BBQs and boating and stuff, right?  Nope.  This year, we spent our long weekend at the cabin in the mud and snow!  We didn't let it bother us too much, I guess.  We went on a mud walk, and the coolest wildlife we spotted were some monster earthworms.  We even took Sophie and her cousin fishing in the foggy snow.  We didn't snag anything (obviously).  Guess we'll wait for another weekend to get the boat out.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

To the Zoo with Boo

Yay!  My sister came to visit!  The ticket was a birthday surprise to her from her husband so she could come see her niecers, but it felt like a gift just for me!

She did a lot of playing in the backyard and babysitting (thanks!).  We had a one fun day watching animals, riding the carousel, and taking the train at the zoo.


We did a fair amount of Grandma visiting, too, particularly since it was Mother's Day weekend.  We even brought her to one of Sophie's soccer games!

One day, driving home from the mall, we agreed that there wasn't anyone that quite knew the other's history, shopping tastes, and issues the way a sister does.  We may not always see eye-to-eye (though we frequently do), but we just "get" each other anyway somehow.  I like that kid.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Days of 47 Pageant

Proving (yet again) that this magical girl can do anything well -- our niece, Megan, successfully competed in the Days of 47 Royalty Pageant.  

The Days of 47 is a statewide celebration to commemorate the great entrance of the pioneers into Utah in 1847.  It's kind of a big deal.  There are months of really fantastic festivities, including parades and rodeos and religious services and kids fun days and luncheons and an art show and more, all leading to the 24th of July (the day B.Y. rolled into town).  Really, lots of fun!

A Days of 47 Queen and court of attendants are selected only from qualified young women who are direct descendants of those original pioneers, and they spend months paying homage to their ancestors by telling their stories and inspiring others to learn from their sacrifices.  There is usually quite a long line of royalty hopefuls, as there is some prestige to the appointment (they get to meet the prophet and dine with the governor, among others) and quite generous scholarships.  Many girls compete year after year, and most who actually nab a spot in the royalty do so only after a second or third try, with the help of mentors.  

This year the group was smaller than usual (30 or 40), but all extremely impressive in their own ways.  Still, Megan looked so bright and composed in her interview suit, and she was fantastic on stage (even when the emcee asked her the wrong question -- something about tennis, which she knows nothing about!).  I was extremely proud, particularly knowing how genuine and kind and graceful she is in real life.  Ultimately, the judges were also impressed, and she was selected into the royalty with two other wonderful girls. 

She's already begun doing some service projects, with many more appearances in coming weeks.  We know she'll make a lovely princess!

"But, wait," you say.  "Doesn't that dress look familiar?"  Why, yes -- I wore it exactly ten years ago myself...  

This is the third from our family -- Karen was the first of the Haigh line to be included in the royalty.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Music Infusion

I've become acutely aware of my uncoolness.

Exhibit A: my previous sentence -- so completely, shamefully uncool.  I'm feeling less chicks-laugh-over-fancy-dinner-wearing-cute-heels flick and more family-vacation-gone-hilariously-wrong movie.  I am amused by how far behind I am, so I started by infusing my tired and outdated music collection.*

Haunted by the Grammy performance by Mumford and Sons, Mister picked up their album.  So awesome!  We blasted it in the backyard continuously today while digging and planting vegetable starts (See?  I start to feel cool, then I type stuff like "while planting vegetable starts").

I also finally got two of the She + Him albums.  So vintage, but feels current.  And best of all, clean and fun.

* still accepting suggestions.  Tell me: What should I try?  What do you love?  And I may be losing it, but I won't go Gaga.

** I realize to some, this post may prove I'm even more uncool than previously assumed.  Shrug.