Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Day in LA

Between princesses and thrill rides, we had a few "beyond Disney" moments in Southern California.  With one day in LA, we first met up with Roberta (my professional mentor and personal dear friend) at the Santa Monica Pier.  She took her Jewish Aunt title seriously, snapping tons of pictures of the kids and giving lots of smooches and telling stories sprinkled with Yiddish.

Next stop (naturally):


How great is this paparazzi shot?  "Don't bother me -- I'm eating my Diddy."

Missing from this post: any pictures of our hours-long shopping marathon.  Cause we don't have any.  Cause I don't really want to relive it.  Sure, we landed some great stuff, but gosh -- it was gruelling.  Our poor children, so dragged around.

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