Monday, April 25, 2011

Grand America Easter Tea

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.  
~Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

And so we went, my daughter and I.  For her, instructions on becoming a lady.  For me, a reminder that I am one.  Her first "real" tea party, so only The Grand America Easter Tea would do.

Perched on fancy couches in our Easter finery, we ate tiny sandwiches (smoked salmon for me, strawberries and cream for her) and drank herbal tea (peppermint for both), all with our pinkies properly poised. 

After selecting delicate treats from the gilded dessert cart, we finished our afternoon with some sight-seeing through the hotel.  First stop: the tiny new sweet shop.  Le Bonne Vie will be our stop for many special occasions in the future, I'm sure.  It was gorgeous!  The linens were crisp white, the decor was pretty pastel, and the sweets -- handmade gelato and artisinal chocolates -- so beautiful!

I begged my little one to allow me a few photos in the courtyard.  I told her if she'd sit still and follow directions for just a few moments for mommy, she could have a party there someday after she gets married at the temple (sorry, honey -- guess that means overtime for you).  

After a perfectly polite and proper afternoon, I succumbed.  For those final moments, I let my little princess run wild.


Gardner said...

What a great idea! I will have to remember to do that when Annie is a young girl. That is hilarious that Sophie noticed the human Easter bunny. I think it's time for the Grand America to upgrade the bunny costume. I love the bunny on Sophie's headband. It's so cute!

veryheatherly said...

So fancy, and so cute!

Janssen said...

How FUN!

(Also, in response to your comment, you can CERTAINLY be friends with me and Kayla. I've never dyed a dress either, so it's not a requirement to join our very exclusive club ;))

S.S. said...

I cannot wait to have my first tea-time with my little girl. but I wont see her for at least 10 weeks(still a bun in the oven). It looks like yall had fun. cheers!!!