Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disneyland Highlights 2011

As with most vacations, we not only brought home fun souvenirs and tired girls, we also returned with hundreds of pictures.  In fact, I haven't even seen all of them yet.  Here, a few highlights, with more to come -- mostly for my journaling process, but as always, you are welcome to follow along...

California Adventure!
Under construction and off season -- they've got big plans.
Took the opportunity to pose by the bridge before it goes byebye.
Sophie was more outgoing with the characters this year.

Me, my girl, some ice cream, and a trash can

Happy grandparents
Our other traveling companions: the Larsons

Sophie grew!  Yippee!
We were so glad our ittybitty qualified for Soarin' Over California!
She loooooves scary rides.  Here, her first time on Tower of Terror!
She also liked Thunder Mountain Railroad.
When I die, this will be one moment that flashes before my eyes.
This one, too.  So happy.
Sophie was invited on stage during a show to perform a "silly face."
Our Handy Menny
Tired girl

On Small World, Sophie calls this doll her Little Sophie
Mommy and Daddy with Millie
Happiest Family on Earth
Very last moment in the park: the Disney photographer got a shot of Sophie and Daddy
at the very moment fireworks exploded behind them.  Oh, the magic!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Again! Again!

We said we were going to take a year off.  Who were we kidding?!

Brace yourselves -- I'm about to round up our most recent Disneyland/SoCal visit with the in-laws.

Monday, March 28, 2011

This is Magic...

... to me, anyway.  Shot with my iPhone 4, using the video camera's reverse lens function, on the spinning ladybug ride in the Bug's Life area of Disney's California Adventure.  Don't get dizzy...

I hope this video embed works...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Preschool Patriotic Program

"Do you know what man's face is on the penny?"  That was Sophie's line in the preschool patriotic program.  But nobody besides me knows that, because she was too shy to say it into the microphone.  As a woman who has made a career of speaking into microphones, should I be embarrassed?  Nah.  I think it is adorable!

Of course, she wore denim and cowboy boots -- so American!  Each child told a story about their neighborhood (hers was about a little girl who goes to get ice cream; a hint to her parents, I think).  Above, one of her favorite teachers, Loralee.  Oh, and the kid to her right may look familiar -- that's last year's boyfriend, Andrew.

They sang about George Washington...

... and Abraham Lincoln.

There was also plenty of flag-waving.

Special guests included mom, dad, sister and Hansen grandparents.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sophie Skis!

You know when you're skiing down the mountain, fairly confident that you've finally snowplowed your way to that double green slope, feeling "the groove" as you (albeit tenderly) slalom your way to the mid-mountain lodge, when suddenly -- swoosh!  Some stupid toddler whizzes past you at Bode Miller speed, sufficiently humbling you as she (you swear you can hear it) screams "neener neener!"  Pretty soon, that could be my kid.

We signed Sophie up for Alta's "Learn to Ski" program for locals -- a series of four starter lessons with rentals.  I mean, I'm raising Utah kids after all; they've got to know how to ski.  As with most new things, at first she was quite cautious (even scared, she said).

Eventually, with the help of some great instructors, she learned to let go.  Isn't it interesting to watch, from afar, as your child processes something new, then summons herself to try it?  I was so pleased to watch Sophie take up something so intimidating, and then conquer it.

Well, conquer is strong word.  She started by going down the bunny hill with a hula hoop.  Still, by the end of her series of lessons, she had graduated to level 2 -- she can ski down by herself, turn back and forth through a series of flags, and ski backwards.  Not quite a "neener neener" punk yet, but I have high hopes.

At the end of each (half)-day, she was pooped!  But, as we were thrilled to hear, she wants to ski "again and again and again and again!"

Mister and I had big plans to ski ourselves while she was in her lessons -- to make a few dates of it.  Instead, we took the baby up with us a couple of times, and the other times (due to illness and a scout snow camp) I took her up on my own and (obviously) took too many pictures.