Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Photo Card for Suckers

For a quick and easy Valentine's Day card for Kiddo's class, we turned a last minute snapshot in our snowy backyard...

... into this.

* Giving credit where credit's due: I remember the concept floating around last year, but couldn't remember where I saw it (Liz, maybe?). So, with only about an hour of baby's nap left to go, I made it up, based on my memory of "I think I've seen this somewhere before."  As it turns out, my friend Marianne says she saw it here first.

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Marianne & Clayton said...

That turned out sooo adorable! I love the tulle on the sucker too. In passing them out I had a few other moms say they wanted to do this with their kids, but the kids wouldn't have it. Too funny. At least ours are still young enough to be forced into precious photo ops.