Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grandma's "Heart Attack"

As part of our Valentine's Day festivities, we snuck over to Great Grandma Arlene's place to "attack" her mailbox and door with hearts.  The girls, particularly Sophie, were really excited.  The baby is still grasping the "shhhh" concept, so her little girl giggles in the corridor tipped Grandma off, and we were caught! 

It was all for the best, my girls decided, because Grandma invited us in for heart-shaped chocolate!

We had friends and family in and out of town all weekend, so did not plan a big romantic evening on February 14th.  I was only disappointed for half a second, maybe even just a quarter, because I realized having no plans translated to unstructured time with my lovely girls and husband -- just what I really wanted anyhow!  I threw together a candle-accessorized dinner (it would've been a candlelight dinner, but Soph got nervous and requested no flames -- funny, right?), then Michael and I watched a terrible Tom Cruise movie when the kids were asleep.  Simple and perfect.

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