Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bucket List Update

A year ago, Mister and I created a list of things we'd like to do before we die.  Morbid or inspiring, you decide.  We chose the latter, and have slowly (and mostly unconsciously) ticked a few items off our checklist.

  • Scratching off #6 was easier than expected.  And more fun, too.

  • #5, in which Mister promised to visit all of the MWC stadiums may need editing, as his alma mater no longer belongs to the conference.  I'm much more excited to visit the PAC-12 stadiums, primarily up and down California.

  • I forgot I put #40 (growing vegetables we actually eat) on the list, because I was too distracted this summer tending our new vegetable garden.  We definitely ate our spoils, too, from carrot cake to beet salad to zucchini fritters, zucchini bread, steamed zucchini...

  • I'm working on #44 (compiling my grandmother's life history), diligently scanning and interviewing, but it is a TON of work.  Fun and rewarding, nonetheless.  This one will take a long time, I'm afraid.

We are still a few short of a round 50.  What's on your list?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mini Cheer

Twice a year, the high school cheerleaders invite little neighbor girls to participate in a cheer workshop and perform at a varsity half-time.  Lucky for us, we know and love many of these girls!

With one of our favorite babysitters, Emily 
Claire, Sophie, Caroline and Lucy
She loves to learn the dances, but froze at half-time -- she was mistakingly separated from her friends, so she got a little confused 
Sophie and Edie, sporting what is bound to be Gaga's next look

Grandma's "Heart Attack"

As part of our Valentine's Day festivities, we snuck over to Great Grandma Arlene's place to "attack" her mailbox and door with hearts.  The girls, particularly Sophie, were really excited.  The baby is still grasping the "shhhh" concept, so her little girl giggles in the corridor tipped Grandma off, and we were caught! 

It was all for the best, my girls decided, because Grandma invited us in for heart-shaped chocolate!

We had friends and family in and out of town all weekend, so did not plan a big romantic evening on February 14th.  I was only disappointed for half a second, maybe even just a quarter, because I realized having no plans translated to unstructured time with my lovely girls and husband -- just what I really wanted anyhow!  I threw together a candle-accessorized dinner (it would've been a candlelight dinner, but Soph got nervous and requested no flames -- funny, right?), then Michael and I watched a terrible Tom Cruise movie when the kids were asleep.  Simple and perfect.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Photo Card for Suckers

For a quick and easy Valentine's Day card for Kiddo's class, we turned a last minute snapshot in our snowy backyard...

... into this.

* Giving credit where credit's due: I remember the concept floating around last year, but couldn't remember where I saw it (Liz, maybe?). So, with only about an hour of baby's nap left to go, I made it up, based on my memory of "I think I've seen this somewhere before."  As it turns out, my friend Marianne says she saw it here first.