Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globes Sleeves

Awards season in Hollywood is just warming up.  Over the course of a month or two, the celebs hit a series of red carpets in a row, as others note what they wear and who they show up with and who wins.

I stick to the classics, the Academy Awards and Grammys.  But, in post-Golden Globes coverage, something caught my eye:  sleeves.  For women committed to dressing modestly, it was a bit of a victory -- what we've thought all along may actually be true:  it is possible to be gorgeous, fashion-forward, glamorous, sophisticated and womanly (even hot) while maintaining a certain level of discretion.  Applause!

Crossing fingers this trend will trickle down to department stores, where evening wear options are either supershort-bandeautop-powderypastel prom "dresses" or matronly-neutralshaded-waistlinehidden grandmother of the bride "dresses."  At the very least, I'm pleased to have some lovely reference points for those who think dressing demurely is a total drag.  It can be beautiful!

Thank you to my photo sources, primarily just jared.


Alicia said...

I am diggin' this.
And get out of my brain.
I was JUST talking about this.

Marianne & Clayton said...

I loved Emma Stone's whole look. So gorgeous, and so refreshing to see Calvin Klein back in the game.

Katie said...

I hadn't even noticed! LOVING your observation!