Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joyful Noise

There's a lot of talk this time of year about joyful noise.  Singing angels and all that.  Let me tell you about music to my ears.

Saturday morning.  Headache.  "Go rest," Mister says.

I cozy up under the duvet and try to fall asleep.  Instead, I can hear down the hall to the kitchen.  Mister is teaching Soph the delicate intricacies of creating perfect Cheesy Eggs.  The baby is singing in the background from her high chair, and I can hear her throwing Cheerios onto the floor.  With an air of authority, Daddy is telling Soph how the cheddar needs to go into the pan of scrambled eggs at just the right moment.  I imagine she's nodding her head as she says "uh-huh, uh-huh."  She's taking it all in.

"Wait, Daddy," she says.  There's some commotion as she hops off the stool and runs off, then returns.  "Aha!" he responds.  "We needed a guest, didn't we?  Let's put Purple Pony right here so she can follow along."  The Cheesy Eggs tutorial continues with the My Little Pony and I smile in bed.

You can keep your Hallelujah Chorus of Angels and even your Who-ville Choir.  This is my joyful noise.


Alicia said...

Love it.

Janie said...

Great story! It's so wonderful to hear our husbands be dads and heroes to our kids. :)

dana said...

oh that is the sweetest story. thank you for sharing. we're away from our kids right now and it got me teary eyed :)

Katie said...

You have such a gift for capturing the little moments. This melted me.

(And by the way, when my husband lets me take a nap, ANY noise is a joyful noise. As long as it's not the alarm clock.)