Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Impromptu tea party

Have I mentioned I love raising little girls?  Since they were babbling babies, we've whispered to our daughters, "You are so beautiful... and smart."  There is something so special, so magical about girlhood -- I feel like I was meant to mother girls.  I believe in the potential and power of women, and they all start out the same: as little girls.  I love watching my girls learn and grow.  I savor those moments when they realize they're smart, when they sincerely believe they are beautiful, when they make a difference in the lives of others.

Then, there are the days like one we had last week, all frills and bows and sparkles.  At the very last moment, we decided to set up a tea party in the nook while the baby napped.   

But the table looked so empty.

We called a few mommies, and in moments, three princesses arrived in dress-ups.  Too bad the planets (and preschool schedules) didn't align for her two little girlfriends down the street.  Still, it was quite a collection of beads and boas.

Our Christmas angel, Hallelujah, was Grand Marshal.

Sophie's pink tinsel tree, tied with tulle and satin ribbon, was our centerpiece.

No time to bake!  Peppermint brownies from the bakery, raspberries and yogurt from the fridge.
Pink lemonade in Fishs Eddy glasses I've treasured for years
After tea, the girls went downstairs for a "princess popcorn picnic" while watching a Christmas movie.  Really I just laid a floral sheet on the floor so I didn't have to vacuum kernels after.  Just as the characters in the movie lived "happily ever after," I think these princesses finished their impromptu tea party in bliss...

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Katie said...

I hope those friends you called up for a little spontaneous girlishness appreciate what they have, because I would give anything to be in their shoes!

(PS - Don't tell my other friends, but I have chosen your family as most gorgeous in my Christmas card 2010 pageant.)