Saturday, November 27, 2010


We had a fire this week.

On Tuesday night, as the children were snug in their beds, I settled on the couch with the holiday issue of Better Homes and Gardens to keep Mister company while he strung lights on the fresh cut tree. Out of nowhere, an alarm pierced the quiet. Then, another alarm.

Half annoyed, Mister hopped up to shut the system off at the control panel. I tiptoed behind. Before I hit the kitchen, he yelled "FIRE! FIRE!"

Oh. Dear. There were flames on our counter top. It was eerie. "What do I do?!" I screamed over the alarms and the babies crying down the hall. (answer in my head: hello?! stop standing there and grab the crying babies!) He didn't have time to respond to my panicked question or didn't notice. As the fire quickly multiplied, Mister grabbed the extinguisher from under the sink, pulled the pin, and totally killed that kitchen fire.

Ultimately, the damage was miraculously minimal. The counter top is t.o.a.s.t. It took us a few hours and some in-law reinforcements to clean up the huge mess from the extinguisher.

But I'm no dummy: we are lucky. Lucky to have a fire extinguisher near the site of the fire. Lucky for a functioning alarm system. Lucky to live with a quick thinking and fast moving hero. If the circumstances were even slightly different, we would have had a much bigger problem on our hands. We are fine.

At Thanksgiving, we fold our hands and bow our heads. We praise God for our bounty, our family and friends and the feast we're about to devour. We ask for continued protection over our associates and our homes. This year I added my own silent, personal message of focused gratitude and relief for not only all that we've been given, but what is daily preserved on our behalf.

P.S. Ironically, the song our little one learned at preschool last week:

Late last night when we were all in bed
Mrs. O'Leary left the lantern in the shed...

P.P.S. The fire had nothing to do with my cooking.


Janie said... Another miracle this month. Thank heavens you are all ok and the only real damage was the countertop. What a huge blessing!!!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Oh my gosh, that sends chills all over. Fire is such a horrific and frightening thing. Bravo to DH for acting quickly and thank the Heavens above for it being somewhat small and manageable.

Is the silver lining that you get to upgrade your counter tops?

JenSwen said...

Wow, scary! I'm so glad you guys are all right. And you're smart to have a fire extinguisher! We should buy one...

Side note - Kate LOVES that fire song! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

LaLona said...

Oh my! I am so glad you are okay. I can't wait to see you all soon... if there is kitchen remodeling happening, you can put me to work!

Meg said...

Scary, Allison! I'm glad you guys and your home are all right! We have extinguishers all over the house, but I know I would just panic and not use them! We got your card the other day---thanks for remembering us! You have such a beautiful family.