Monday, November 29, 2010

Our baby girl is a model!  A few months ago, I sent her photo in for a contest, and she was chosen for the holiday line of the Naartjie Kids catalog and website.

My sister was visiting on the day of the shoot, so we were the "entourage."  She wore two outfits, and each shoot took about fifteen minutes total -- just long enough to get the shot. The baby was a little overwhelmed by the attention from strangers doing crazy things to get her to smile, but near the last moment she really started to shine.

We have no plans for fame and fortune.  After all, any money she'd make as a Disney star would be lost with the inevitable rehab that would follow.  We did this so she'd always have a fun response to the awkward intro, "Tell us something interesting about yourself."

I got a few copies of the catalog, but didn't even realize they had her on the site until a friend alerted me.

Now, a teensy deposit to her college fund...


Tammy said...

College funds are way more classy than rehab funds! What a cute girl!

Katie said...

TOO exciting! And she is WAY too cute. Keeping a face like that out of the spotlight might not be as easy as it sounds!