Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Dragon Wolf Elephant Butterfly Pirates on Fire

Congratulations to my Black Dragon Wolf Elephant Butterfly Pirates on Fire, whose season record is a mystery. Fall season of kiddo's U5 soccer team is over and ... we did not make the playoffs. Actually, nobody did. U5 doesn't have playoffs.

I felt lucky to be their coach, though it wasn't exactly as I expected. We played just four on four. Quarters were six minutes each. No goalies, or even referees. Our team was pretty great, I gotta say. I think we only lost to the team with the super intense coach who used to play on the national team or something.

As for the team name, every kid wanted to name the team. So, I let them. Each week was another kid's turn to pick the name, and they got pretty creative. We never had the same team name twice!

Kiddo loves to run, to kick the ball. The competition part was a little tricky for her. She would rather do the running and kicking when she isn't so busy having a good time doing other stuff. She plays the game when she wants to. Frustrating, until I remembered...

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Katie said...

I can't decide if I am more impressed with the team name, or that amaaaazing picture of you(!)