Friday, August 13, 2010

Spring Dance Recital

Some images from Kiddo's "Bug's Ball" ballet recital.

At this age you never know how they'll react to the big stage and bright lights, especially because her studio did all of the prep work -- parents were not allowed backstage for pictures or dressing. I heard stories of kids who refused to dress in costume, or even those who insisted on not going on stage at all.

We knew our daughter's class would first appear on stage in a single file line for the dancer's "parade," a walk across the stage to get them comfortable with the sights and sounds before their actual routine. I'm going to let you guess who came bursting out at the front of the line...

She reminded me of a barrel-racing horse at a rodeo -- the ones they hold back in the pen, so they're amped up before shooting out the gate. She was so crazy happy to be on stage, it confirmed I made the right decision to take her to dance class week in and week out. She really loves to perform.

I had to include her "studio" shot (remember, no parents backstage), because I thought the backdrop and props were more than slightly comical.

* She just saw this post and said, "Remember how cute, I sat on that flower?"

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