Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bug's 4th Birthday

Kiddo asked for a Fish Party -- and this is what we came up with!

We had our slip and slide going, which has turned into an unintentional yearly tradition. Mister created a Go Fish carnival game out of a big cardboard box, and the kids dipped a magnetized fishing pole to get their snack: goldfish crackers and tuna sandwiches.

Then the kids lined up by the water table to take turns catching real live goldfish that they got to take home in mason jars with a little fish food as a party favor. Miraculously, no live animals were harmed in the production of this party (although, from all accounts, it was a different story once the little guys made it to their respective homes). I apologized to the parents for sending their kids home with a lesson in mortality.

A few more of the party details:
  • The invitation was on glittery wave paper. Using a sewing machine and gold colored thread, I sewed a "net" to the bottom to hold the die-cut goldfish with the printed party details.
  • I used mason jars for decor, tied with blue striped ribbon and gold ric-rac with a classic red and white fishing bobber hooked on. I filled some with multicolored gummy Swedish Fish, and others I left empty -- for the kids' real live fishies.
  • I used orange punch in Ikea fish-shaped ice cube trays to make floating fishies in blue "ocean" punch.

Butterfly's birthday was in June, too. I'm working on moving the details of her party to this site, but until I do, you can see the rundown here:

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JenSwen said...

You could totally be a party planner if you ever felt like it. I am always amazed by your incredibly creative and fun parties. Wish we could have been there! Happy birthday, Sophie!