Saturday, March 27, 2010

Too Normal

I'm afraid Utah is becoming altogether too... normal.

First, this:

... and now, this?

What's next, people... Tito's?! What used to be special stops for us on road trips and visits back home have become mainstream in Utah. Part of me is pumped for the easier access, but the rest of me is befuddled. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Then again, I am a member of the "Bring Trader Joe's to Salt Lake City" facebook group...


Casey Marie said...

you have no idea how excited i am about sephora!!

megannicole said...

What the?? Where is Sephora coming to? Ok ya and this is exactly how I felt about Forever 21 and now look how mainstream it is. It is so mainstream that it isn't even cool anymore. I remember going to Primm and California and coming back with all this Forever 21 stuff and it being so different and trendy, nope not anymore, everyone has it! If H & M comes we are done for..

Alicia said...


dana said...

totally, totally agree. though I would love a titos over here! (and a TJs also please :))