Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Bucket List

Here's the list of things Mister and I want to accomplish before we die, in absolutely random order, created on our long road trip home last month. We sporatically took turns adding to the list. Some are uniquely his, others are definitely just for me, but we figured we'd make the list together because after all, we plan on doing a lot as a team over the next lifetime (and beyond, if you want to get technical).
  1. Scuba the Great Barrier Reef and fly-fish New Zealand
  2. Take family to Argentina
  3. Work at Disneyland
  4. Drive the entire Pacific Coast Highway
  5. Visit all of the Mountain West Conference stadiums (like I said, some are more Mister)
  6. Own hot pink heels (and some, more Me)
  7. Organize our coin collection
  8. Take the girls to Washington, D.C.
  9. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
  10. Figure out what Mister's favorite meal is, then perfect it
  11. Float the Green River with a guide and Dad
  12. Learn to identify the landmarks and recite a brief history of the Green River
  13. Go to Disney World
  14. Go on an RV vacation
  15. Make a dollhouse for the girls or granddaughters
  16. Professional grilling instruction
  17. Celebrate Christmas at the cabin
  18. Celebrate Christmas outside of Utah
  19. Spend an entire day at the temple
  20. Memorize 1,000 verses of scripture
  21. Go to Nashville
  22. Take a class to learn how to operate a video camera
  23. Vacation in the Hamptons (I just want to see what the fuss is all about)
  24. Ride the Buffalo Bill roller coaster
  25. Safari Africa (not the hunting kind)
  26. Host a fancy party in honor of all of my friends and mentors
  27. Attend a black tie event as a couple
  28. Take family to Yosemite
  29. Stay at one of those tropical beach resorts in the huts out on the water
  30. Zip line through the rain forest
  31. Sponsor a scholarship at my high school
  32. Play 100 different golf courses
  33. Write a book
  34. Independently make a cumulative $1M
  35. Visit a Greek island, eat yogurt and honey, make friends with the locals and wear a skirt and flip flops
  36. Another graduate degree
  37. Have our own family cabin
  38. Perfect an Apple Pie
  39. Visit Daffodil Hill in Northern California in full bloom
  40. Grow vegetables we actually eat
  41. Involve the girls in service, particularly taking them to serve at community dinner like we did while we were dating
  42. Memorize D&C 4
  43. New orange kitchen
  44. Put Grandma Arlene's life history together in a book
  45. Learn how to make bread
  46. Stand up and cheer Mister on to victory (sports, on stage, professionally... anything)
We've got a few more to go to hit 50. Any ideas???


Katie said...

Oooooh, good one. We may have a place for you to stay in Washington DC. If you bring me a piece of that perfect apple pie.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Fun list. I love lists! Clayton and I have a serious one running as well. It's so interesting to see what is a must for other people. Most of our stuff people say "Really?".

megannicole said...

Please see this link for further information on #29.

You guys can come with me and my husband on our honeymoon!

Vivian said...

How about whale watching and the Northern Lights? Also, I would love to go to a triple crown horse race!