Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How We Do Disneyland

Lucky us! The family treated us to Disneyland again this year.

First stop for Millie's first ever visit: Dumbo!

It was the beautiful start to a fun cousin week with Aunt G, Uncle S, Ri and their yet-to-be-named-but-soon-to-be-born Baby Brother!

It being February (the week including and following the Super Bowl, but before President's Day), nobody was there. Lines were awesome, minus Friday. We'll never be able to go during summer now that we've had the park to ourselves!

S's Favorite Rides (AGAIN): Pirates and Toon Town Roller Coaster. Our pixie is still a hair too short for the bigger rides.

Ri's Favorite: Peter Pan (overandoverandover)

M's Favorite: Small World. Look, she loved it!

Ok, I look forward to Disneyland treats nearly as much as the rides! Amusement park food that's actually yummy?! Sign. Me. Up. Ridiculous. Last year pregnancy was my excuse for being a ravenous beast. This year I used "hormonal-while-weaning-a-baby." I should just own up, but it is kind of embarrassing. My must-haves:
  • Corn dogs from the red wagon (twice)
  • Frozen banana
  • Waffle cone sundae (mint chip w/hot fudge) on Main Street
  • Dole whip
  • Bengal BBQ!
  • Fritters with apple custard in New Orleans (a new discovery)

I rode the teacups. Once. Then, I was happy taking the pictures. Maybe it was all the corn dogs.

The Pixar parade in California Adventure is one of our favorite attractions! Not only do we know all the characters, we love the effects and colors and music.

We ran in to a lot of friends.

Even got dressed up for the occasion.

Mom proved I've still got it (the ridiculous gene, I mean).

It did rain one day, so I took the baby shopping with Myra. The rest of the group was equipped with slickers, so they had a blast running from ride to ride.

Five days in the park with overstimulatedtoddlersbabytiredmomssiblingseveryonewantsadifferenttreat, we had a few brief moments in survival mode.

... but really few and far between. M was my wild card, but she managed just famously! It also helped to split up at times to accomplish everything, and I can't emphasize enough how great it was to have a grandparent on each team (thank you to Ed!) to help with the kiddos. Ed and Myra are extremely selfless people.

We keep the pink mouse ears from S's first trip as a baby and carry them every time we return. This year, M earned her pink ears!

I've never been that big on ToonTown, but gosh, the little kids could have spent ALL day there.

Can you believe he is a YEAR younger than her?

We had a few field trips. Because our little family arrived a half day early, we spent the few impromptu hours having breakfast and house-spying on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Another time, the whole group spent a half day shopping (GREAT success) in the Los Angeles area and took the opportunity to...

We never have enough time to visit all of our friends (shoutouts and love), so we've kind of ended up taking turns. This trip, it was extremely important to me to connect with my dear friend and mentor and Jewish gawdmatha, Roberta. She's a broadcasting legend, and I've been lucky enough to have her rip my scripts to shreds, then teach me how to do it right. But more important than helping me be a better reporter, she's changed my life. Roberta is amazing. Maria Shriver wrote an entire chapter about her in one of her books; she'll get one in mine someday too. When she saw the girls, she pinched their cheeks and danced and shouted in the middle of Anthropologie. It was one of my happiest moments ever.

Special thanks to: Laurel, for camping out at 4am while we were away to register S for one of the last spots at the preschool and to my in-laws for a wonderful trip.


Meg said...

Wow, you guys know how to have fun! Your kids are so dang cute!

Celeste said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Parents and grandparents included. What troopers, in the rain and all.