Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eight Months

Happy Eight Months to our baby! She is as jolly as ever, recently developed a hyper streak when she's excited about something. Speaking of excited, she loves new faces. She is finally on the bottle (a sippy, really) and sleeping much better. There are four teeth in there: two on top and two on bottom, with two more on top that are threatening to poke through. Favorite foods are sweet (particularly prunes w/apples and pears) and gags on anything savory or vegetable-y. She's also developed the inevitable attachment to daddy. I knew that would happen.


dana said...

oh! she has your eye shape Allison. So gorgeous! She's a doll. Can't believe she's already 8 months

The King family said...

I love her smile! What a cheeser!

JenSwen said...

What a cute, happy baby. She has a huge smile in almost every picture! Jane also has the hyper streak and love of new faces. :) Baby enthusiasm is the best ever.

How is it that you look so cute in all your vacation pics? Amazing.