Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ski Day

Thanks to a discount ticket and willing babysitters (wow, I sound old), we hit the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort.

I grew up a half hour from a ski resort, and went every other Friday with our elementary school. But you wouldn't know it now. I'm petrified of anything black or diamond or mogul-y.

Doesn't this look intimidating?

I used to be proud to say I've never biffed it off a chairlift. Can't anymore. I didn't fall, but I did just sit and slide my way off in front of an entire class of kindergartners. Just as I recovered I overheard their instructor say "Ok, class. Where are we going?" And their cute little punk voices shouted in unison: "Widowmaker! Yay!"

Oh well. I did all right and had fun.

I love skiing. I get a day with my bf, doing something active and enjoying nature. And hey, the view is not so bad.


JenSwen said...

That looks like a beautiful ski day! Let's do a double ski date sometime before we move!

S&F Seminario said...

I've got to see you in person one of these days. So fun to see you here on your cute blog with your adorable family.