Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing in 2010 at the Cabin

I always thought the ultimate would be hitting Times Square for New Years, or at least some hot night club. Sequins, I thought. Instead, I've determined it is most fitting for our family to celebrate a new year and a new start in denim and snow boots. Snuggled in the cabin, we sipped cocoa and semi-watched TV coverage. Just us. Michael and I each wrote three goals and three predictions for twentyten, then hid them away until next year.

The winding Wyoming roads in winter are so quiet, so peaceful. I loved the three hour trip, with thoughtful conversation and good country music.

On the way, we saw a herd of about fifty antelope on the side of the road. Can you see them?

Then, three days and nights of this...

A smart cricket had made a home for himself in one of the bathroom sinks. He became our pet. We named him Jiminy and made sure to wash our hands and brush our teeth in other sinks, in order to spare his life. He's probably still there. What's the life expectancy of a cricket anyhow?

The animals are more confident in the colder months with less humans around. Once, S looked out the back window and yelled "reindeer!" There was a white-tailed doe just paces from our door. The same day, we watched a herd of at least a hundred (I'm not exaggerating) elk emerge from the woods behind our place. It was like watching a live nature film.

I get so inspired at the cabin. Something about being near nature, the wide open spaces and the quiet. I took my sewing machine and made S a ruffly skirt with a pocket. Experimented with new recipes. Dreamed up project ideas. Played around with the camera.

I'm not the only one. The cabin is so good for S. The purity and openness feeds her imaginative and independent spirit. She spent her days wandering around the place making up songs and stories.

We set up the tripod and timer outside and snapped a few family shots in the snow. A few favorites (I know, indulge me):

And, finally, the road home. Three more hours of stunning diverse landscape, big dreams, deep thoughts, a Maverick stop and passenger seat boogie to the new Glee soundtrack.


Celeste said...

What a great way to start the year. Looks so beautiful there. I wonder if S will look for Jimmy next time you are at the cabin

Celeste said...

oh, I mean Jiminy, my bad.
And btw I love M hat