Monday, January 18, 2010

New Domain Name

I am soooo glad you read/follow our family blog! In a few days, this family blog will be accessible with a new custom domain name: There may be a little switcheroo delay, so stick with me and try again.

If you visit our blog occasionally, you'll automatically be redirected so no biggie. If you follow the blog with a service like Google Reader, you may need to update your subscription with our new address:

In the coming weeks I'll be introducing a new, public blog I've been working hard to create! I hope you'll follow that one, too. Can't wait!



Larson Love said...

Drum roll please.....

Marianne & Clayton said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see your new public blog. You are officially my secret thought doer. I often think about doing this kind of stuff, but totally wuss out or just decide I'm too lazy. Living vicariously through ya babe! So go get 'em!

The King family said...

Sounds like some fun reading in the future! Kind of curious about your new name.... What is it's significance?