Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's 4am. Do You Know Where Your Mommy Is?

Is this moonlighting or sunrising?

As a freelance network field producer, I'm often hired for the national morning show to manage early a.m. live shots. Most recently I've worked on the story of a missing woman (above). On an easy shoot here in town, I typically wake at 3am and tiptoe around in the dark to prepare for a 4am arrival. We work so early, because the segment is live on the East Coast.

I check in with my camera crew, audio technician and satellite truck operator at the shoot location (I often don't know them ahead of time), then dial in to a director in a control room in New York City. The guest arrives, and we usually awkwardly share with other networks who are setting up to interview them as well. I manage the team as we dial up a satellite to New York, where one of the anchors there asks the guest their questions (the guest has an IFB earpiece in their ear to hear the anchor). The segment usually lasts just a few minutes, then we sign off.

If the shoot is in town (usually it is out in some random town I've never heard of), I'm home in time to wake Mister for his morning workout and I get the kids up and ready for (tada!): another day.


Marianne & Clayton said...

Which is like the coolest thing I'll never do. How do you even start a job like that? Where do you learn it all? That kind of thing intimidates the heck out of me. Very cool.

Katie said...

I love it!! What a perfect way to stay in the business and still be there for the babies. I'm proud of you!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Wow, early! But what a fun job! I'll think of you more when I'm getting up at 8:00 ;)