Saturday, January 2, 2010

Half Birthday

M turned six months old on December 15th. She loves to sit up, but would rather stand (with plenty of support). Her babbling is so sweet, and she's got a great tummy laugh. She measures as an average nine-month old, a little more in height than weight. She won't take a bottle, which means she gets grumpy if I travel too far (feeling slightly claustrophobic). Still wakes up once a night to feed, predictably around 4am. This may change soon, if mommy has the heart to make her cry it out. Melt-your-heart snugly.


Celeste said...

Happy half little M. Sleep tight

Liz said...

Kewpie Doll...She is a spittin' image (
I just love her! Thanks again for a fun morning yesterday. I appreciate your help.