Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cookie Party

As a gift to S's primary friends (and two cousins), we hosted a cookie party a few days before Christmas. This also turned into a small offering for parents... two hours minus a three year old to tackle last minute holiday errands. I hope we can make it a tradition.

The kids decorated/piled-stuff-on sugar cookies. Amazing how quickly the sugar kicked in. Potent stuff.

We moved to the kitchen, where the kids each took a turn adding an ingredient to the mixer for chocolate chip cookies that baked while they played. There were a few "samples." Don't worry -- I kept the sanitizer handy.

Each child went home with half a dozen or so cookies. (this was pre-chocolate chip)

High on sugar? Awesome. Now go home and terrorize your parents. Happy Holidays.

SuperMegan was my lovely assistant. Thanks... in the form of Cafe Rio.

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Celeste said...

You are a brave woman with those kids and those cookies. Looks like they had a ball!