Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas is our family's busiest day of the year. Are we the only ones?

We awoke at home, our little family time. S snuck into the living room first, and started absolutely wailing in despair. "Santa didn't bring me anything! And he took (sniffle) my (sniffle) stocking (sniffle)!" We had to show her that her stocking was so stuffed, Santa had to place it on the chair.

ZhuZhu Pets were a hit.

We didn't expect much for M's first Christmas. Actually, she really got into the unwrapping.

Our new tradition is to have an open house for anyone who'd care to join us for brunch. My grandma and Michael's parents came. We don't have the pics to prove it, cause we were busy frying bacon and setting the table and scrambling eggs. Michael made the most amazing fruity pancakes.

Next stop: Hansen grandparents (and great grandma). Lots of fun gifts... I can't believe my in-laws arranged to have my favorite honeycomb chocolate sent from my little hometown candy shop in California! Luckily, I also scored a motorized toothbrush. Any connection?

S said to Ed: "I think it is a hammer."

M dances in her new kicks.

Scott shows off his new fishing shirt.

And then, there was this...

Pianos from Michael's grandma (with microphone). S is beside herself!

Another event with no photos: we traveled to Highland for the Thomas family party, soup and salad and great company (although many were missed this year for one reason or another). Lastly, we played at Howells til about midnight, closing a crazy overscheduled joyful holiday.

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Laura said...

Honeycomb from Nelson's Candy Kitchen? By the way, the Wyoming pics are beautiful as are the ones of your family. Do you own the cabin or rent it? What great memories for your girls!