Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Dinner

Hansen Grandparents treated the kids and grandkids to a fancy Santa Dinner this week. What a fun, magical way to celebrate this time of year with little ones!

She looks a little uncertain, but Miss M really liked Santa.

When he entered the dining room, Miss S wasn't so sure...

But then, the big guy gave her and Ri big snuggly teddy bears, so she may have changed her mind.

Miss M's first ever Santa gift: a little kittycat.

It went straight into her mouth. Naturally.

We had the yummiest treats.

We were thrilled to run into lots of friends.

And eat more yummy treats! (and more... and more... and more...)

Thank you, Ed and Myra!

(side note: Yes, Gina and Scott were also there. We just, apparently, don't have the photos on our camera to prove it.)

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