Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Martin Family Christmas

It is tradition for my side to celebrate Christmas the weekend before the holiday, thus freeing up the actual day for our own little families and/or in-laws. We rotate who hosts... we end up making a whirlwind trip to the Reno/Tahoe area most years.

This year, my older brother hosted with his fantastically festive wife. For kicks and giggles (and under 50 smackers a night), we stayed at Circus Circus Reno. M screamed her bloody guts out at night; I was petrified they'd oust us from the hotel for being a disturbance. The first morning, we took S down to the midway.

(no, people, that's not my weight on the screen... it is my score)

Then, we headed to the Martins. Look at the cute kids my brother made!

Millie (and most kids) extremely comfortable in Janelle's arms. Side note: Janelle doesn't suck at fashion; her sweater and snowman earrings were part of the ugly sweater contest.

My brother Ed thought a funky cowboy hat might make up for his only semi-unattractive ensemble.

Russell thought if he bought his skin-tight reindeer sweater from Target's womens department, we'd give him props.

Boo's handmade (not by her) doily snowman number was a close one.

BUT... I think we can all agree my hubby's was the winner. This turtleneck doozie, circa 1989 (we know this because the date is actually knit into the design), came from Myra's closet.

We met my new nephew, Logan (4 weeks).

Santa stopped by for a visit. I think maybe Ed actually liked that hat. He never took it off.

Grandma wasn't shy with the Big Guy.

So at some point in the evening, when S was left adult-less, she "painted" her face with a stamp so (as she explains it) she could look like the clown at the hotel. Guess what? We still haven't been able to get it all the way off! Lovely for the many holiday photos.

By the end of the evening, the kids were loopy.

We're back home safely now, pooped. I think we may have been on the road longer than we were actually in Reno. And people, it ain't a pretty road. I mean, we were looking forward to our Elko stops. Ugh.

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Tammy said...

Sounds like you aren't in Reno very long, but if you ever have a free afternoon sometime when you are out this way or need a place to stay, look me up!