Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Like These People

Al, Mindy, Lalona, Kelly, Laney, Jenny, Liz

Lucky me, when I married Michael I was inducted into the "Beta Wives." I didn't even have to do any crazy secret initiation involving chants or paddle spanking (not that I even know what actually goes on in fraternal initiations... "brothers never tell").

The Beta Wives all married into this group of fraternity brothers, and with some magic trickle-down effect, we have a great sisterhood. We get together occasionally throughout the year, some of us are in book club together, the little kids play and take dance together, etc. Only one lives out of state right now, and we're crossing every finger and toe that will change soon.

On a personal note, these women have been invaluable in my transition to marriedhood and motherhood and livinginUtahhood. They're beautiful, fun, hilarious, insightful, spiritually solid and quality.

Thank you, Betas, for marrying great girls.


Laney said...

Awww, that was such a sweet post! Thanks for the nice words, and we (I feel confident I can speak for everyone) like you too!

P.S. Although my hair is hanging in greasy strings, I really did wash my hair that morning...

Liz said...

I love you girls!!! Thanks Allison. :) Laney, I think your hair looks great.

LaLona said...

Okay, so maybe it is because I had very little sleep last night, but this made me cry. Thanks, Al.

Gardner said...

Love the post. All of you are wonderful.