Monday, November 16, 2009

Tutus for Sale

Remember these?

I love tutus! Perfect for pictures and twirling (and in my case, decorating my daughters' room). I add my own little touches, with patterned ribbons and ric-rac and a big flower with a sparkly rhinestone in the middle. Girls love this stuff.

You know I normally create them exclusively as gifts or costumes for Sophie. People have asked me to sell them, but I've always declined. However, I went a little nuts with the tulle last week so I'm opening this up... for the holidays, I'm selling some tutus. I give you my word, I will never do this again.

If you've got a Fancy Nancy or Fancy Sophie or Fancy Gertrude, heads up:

Itty Bitty (up to 12/18 months): $28*
Girls (probably up to 5/6): $32*

I've got Christmas (red/green or red/white), Angel White (with accents of silver and/or blue), Pastel Multicolored, and Sugary Pink (our fave). Just a couple of each.

Send me an email if you're interested ( Spread the word, too.

* To save you the trouble of price comparisons, smaller tutus go for as little as $19 online but they're pretty basic, without the ribbon and bling. Then again, Gina and I saw some at a boutique last week for (gulp) $83.


Alicia said...

*sigh* ... If I only had a girl.

Katie said...

These are TO DIE FOR!!!

Larson Love said...

I second Alicia. But that SOPH IS SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!