Monday, November 16, 2009

Sophie-Mommy Time

With the new baby invasion at our house, my mommy arms are often full with nursing and diapering and soothing. So Big Sister doesn't feel completely ignored, I have taken my pediatrician's wise advice to spend some Sophie-Mommy time, just her and I.

While Daddy was away at a scout overnighter and Baby was asleep, we had a "Girls Night." We got Nielson's Chocolate Malted Almond Frozen Custard, rented the Hannah Montana movie, and made this silly craft we saw on a kids show (not really sure what it was supposed to be).

Last week, I took my princess to Disney's Princesses on Ice show downtown. She wanted to dress like Tinkerbell, of course.

When we arrived, the energy and anticipation were palpable.

Right away, I had a "must be a mom" moment. As the show began, I caught myself clapping with delight and wiping away a little mist around the eyes. The real revelation was that I wasn't even watching the show... I was watching my kid watch the show! The joy and wonder was just too much.

There was a lot of this...

And per Daddy's request, Sophie waved "hello" to...

... these guys. Hi-ho!

I promised her a treat. Didn't realize that meant I would be spending THIRTEEN dollars on a snow cone. But, hey, it came with a cool cup and spoon straw. Sigh.

Inspired by the "skating princesses," she twirled and skipped outside the arena. Fun night!

And I failed to post these pics from our other Sophie-Mommy outing earlier this year at the Downtown Farmers Market.

We love the buckwheat pancakes with granola and bananas with apple cider syrup. My finicky eater just gobbles it up!

She also loves to taste the farmers' samples, particularly peaches. Totally unprovoked from me, she doesn't dig the tomatoes.

The morning was so much fun, we didn't want it to end! So we went to the drive-through car wash. She loves the "monster fingers."

Many more fun Sophie-Mommy moments to come!


Katie said...

Thank you for this post! I am very inspired by it. My kids need more of this...

I am also very inspired by Nielson's Chocolate Malted Almond Frozen Custard. (Were we separated at birth??)

Laura said...

What fun! How did your Magnolia bakery recipes turn out?

Larson Love said...

Sometimes you just gotta do it!!