Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Great Photos are Made

I recently ran across this gem from a photo shoot in May at Gardner Village with Jenni ( I think it may be my favorite photo of Sophie in 2009... her hair is slightly imperfect, she's got bandaids on three nubby sweet fingers, and I love that light little lick on the corner of her lip. This photo embodies "sugar and spice and everything nice."

I shoot with Jenni a lot, and not just because I think she has an amazing eye and is constantly improving through practice and classes. She's also one of my BFFs (ironically, her sassy sweet college-aged daughter Megan is another BFF), and we're "slightly related." She and my mom are cousins technically, but untechnically she's the older, skinnier, more popular big sister I wish I could be. Honestly, people can't help being friends with her... nearly freaky. I also quote her wisdom a lot. If you know me, you know this is true.

Yesterday we shot Sophie and Millie and their cousin Ri for my MIL's Christmas card. Sorry you won't see the results yet. Jenni's 3-year old daughter, Allie, joined us (yes, Jenni has a college-aged daughter and a toddler. From the same babbydaddy and everything, they just celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss. And yes, Allie is an Allison). SuperViv assisted and Gina played kid wrangler. We laughed, we wept (just me), we almost swore (just me). But we got the goods.

First, we scout the location and set up shop...

... while the kids find ways to entertain themselves. Oooo, long dry grass.

As Allie, Sophie and Ririe tell ridiculously hilarious jokes (not funny at all)...

... Jenni snappysnaps. (baby sleeps in the carrier behind her)

The kids belt slightly-butchered Disney tunes in an old shed...

... and Jenni saw that it was good.

The baby, now awake and dumped on a blanket in the middle of a field, uses her toes for entertainment...

... while Viv and Jenni clean up. "Uh, how do you fold these things up?" Viv says.

"No, seriously. How does this work?"

For the record, when you're an actual client of Jenni's the whole process is much more professional but still just as fun. If you're lucky, you might get slightly-butchered Disney tunes.

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Jenny said...

Jenni really is fabulous. She is so good with the kids and the finished product is amazing. I need to stop slacking and schedule another family photo shoot with her soon.