Monday, November 30, 2009

Be It Ever So Humble: Christmas Trimmings '09

Raised the tree... and covered with ribbon and bulbs and candy canes and "boyngies." Same happy theme as always: red and Santa-inspired.

And as it turned out, we ended up with two trees. Another (great) story, another time. Can you find the hiding kiddo?

Peekaboo! I let her stay in her footsie jammies til noon, since we were just tinkering with Christmas decor and singing our guts out to 100.3. Funny tangent: Mid-decor, I got called in to work pronto for network on breaking news, so I sheepishly delivered my little one to my mother-in-law's happily open babysitting arms in her pajamas in the middle of the day. Embarrassing! Luckily, Myra's awesome.

Moved Mommy's magazine obsession off the coffee table and ceremoniously placed our collection of children's Christmas books (Mommy's other obsession).

Found little nooks and crannies for our nativity sets (kiddo's favorite below, placed in a kid-reachable corner).

Fancied up our fresh wreath and set it on the front door. We added a little posh pink to our annual red theme this year, in honor of Baby Girl Numero Dos.

And, lastly (my personal inspiration and this year's holiday delight)... hung our stockings by the chimney with care.

(If you or a friend want me to make you a "care" banner or teach you how, I'm happy to! May start selling them in my etsy shop soon, who knows?)


JenSwen said...

Everything you do is always so cute. Love the creative stockings twist. Kate has the same kids' nativity set and loves it too.

That picture of Sophie in the green dress below is to die for!

Jenni Howell Photography said...

FREAK! You are so cute.

Alicia said...

Happy. Happy. Happy.

Liz said...

Love the banner and everything else christmas at your house (especially your ice white exterior lights...hee hee). Sign me up for the banner! Did we decide this week is good? I'll text ya...