Sunday, November 15, 2009

Auntie Boo and Uncle Chris Visit

After a surprisingly successful antelope hunt in Montana, my sister and Chris had an extra day to, um, kill. So, lucky us... they stopped by for an overnight visit! Auntie Boo is like a celebrity to Sophie. She was also enamored with Chris (who isn't?), snuggling up next to him during bedtime story and showing him all her toys in the playroom.

I love hunting season, because it means there's a very slight chance my sister will drive through town. Plus, this year, I think we'll inherit some free range buffalo meat from one of Chris's hunts in Wyoming. I've only occasionally eaten game meat, but I'm excited to try the bison because it is so lean and doesn't have all of the hormones that feedlot beef contains.


Katie said...

Your sister is beautiful, by the way. Good looks obviously run in the family!

Larson Love said...

YEAH for Auntie Boo!!! She is a celebrity isn't she? Who else can be that beautiful and say she has gamed a bear?!?!?!