Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Timestamp: 2009-10-22 04:31:16 UTC

CONGRATULATIONS to lucky #6, JenSwen! Yippee to my cute friend who lives just up the street (so I save on postage... I ask: who's the real winner here?!), who said:

"I know I read that book when I was a kid but I can't remember what it was about. My favorite memory is when you got me addicted to Spoon Me when we were both in our first trimesters of pregnancy. It tasted so great at the time but I can't eat it anymore because it reminds me of pregnancy nausea!"

THANK YOU to all 16 of you (don't the rest of you wish you commented?!) who entered my silly little giveaway. I thought by asking for memories, I was setting myself up for really random embarrassment. Instead, your messages were actually very touching. Funny thing is, I think without realizing it I really needed each one of your sweet messages.

And so, in short and unworthy response:

JONI: I was so thrilled to introduce you to the world of luxurious relaxation!

LAURA: I can shut my eyes and still imagine you doubled over whimpering as our prisoner escaped. You are my childhood.

LANEY: That night definitely sticks out to me. Seems so long ago! Michael loved the reminder of his "chick" comment. We're so happy you've found your way to UT.

TAMMY: Oh my gosh, why were you even friends with me at all?!

KELLY: I know who not to tell my secrets to... (just kidding). Thank you for inspiring me.

JEN: Thanks for going to Spoon Me with me, even though I'm old. That smell, that taste, also reminds me of early pregnancy!

KING LADY: Let's be dear friends. If you are in any way connected to Annie, I admire you. And my husband doesn't do Olive Garden, either.

JANIE: A Mormon Mom acting more drunk than the guys at the hotel bar... that's a winner of a memory.

MEGAN: Go and make me cry, why don't you?! You, my sweet little girl, have a special piece of my heart. A big ol' chunk, actually. Sometime soon, we need to dress you and Sophie in matching overalls and take your picture by the bell tower.

GINA: Ri can have my juice any time. Thanks for letting us take naked pictures of you (for other readers... it really wasn't like that). Lucky to have you. Loves.

MARIANNE: How come you're good at, like, everything? And you do it with such flair, such style. I want your skills.

ANDREW: First, the opposite sex flirting with me? Um, you're ridiculous. And second, you're absolutely right... nobody stood a chance next to my all-star. So glad we could share that time of our lives together, and have continued to make memories with our families, from girls weekend to Sophie's first date!

KATIE: You know those friends that are just meant to be somehow? You're mine. And I love you. Hope you don't mind.

JENNY: Why don't we do more sporadic hangouts? That day felt so good! You've been just what I needed to adjust to a new life in Utah. Thank you for your friendship, and celeb tidbits.

LAURA AGAIN: I don't remember your relatives, but honestly... I will NEVER forget "I Saw the Sign!"




JenSwen said...

Hooray!! This totally made my day (ok, more like my week). Thanks Al!

Katie said...

Well, there you go. I was all poised to write some bitter, jealous remark about JenSwen's big win....and then I read your reply to my reply.

My reply to your reply to my reply is that I love you too!!