Thursday, September 10, 2009

Millie's Blessing

On Sunday, September 6th, Millie was presented with a name and a blessing in our church by her father. Walking into the church building that day, with our little one swaddled in white, I told Michael: "Today is a good day." I was right.

Michael gave Millie a beautiful blessing. He repeatedly blessed Millie that she would always improve in life, and use that progress in service to the Lord and His people. Michael reminded Millie that she was part of a loving family, including not just her parents, but her sister as well. After the blessing Sophie shouted from the chapel: "He said my name!"

We feel extremely grateful for the righteous men who stood with Michael to bless our little girl: Grandfather Ed, Grandfather Marc, Uncle Scott and Uncle Tom. Also in attendance: Grandmother Myra, Grandmother Peggy, Great Grandma Arlene, Aunt Gina and Cousin Ririe, Aunt Jenni with Cousins Megan and Tommy and Allie, Aunt Vivian with Cousins Landon and Daniel, Aunt Shelli with Cousin Jed, Great Aunt Thelma, Cousin Jordan with her boyfriend Jake, and all of our dear and supportive ward family.

Like Sophie, Millie was blessed in her grandmother Myra's gown. I found a sweet bonnet to match, hoping Millie will save it and pass it on someday.

Afterwards, we invited an intimate group of family to our home for a backyard lunch.

This may be my favorite picture of Sophie Arlene with her Great Grandma Arlene. These two have a beautiful friendship.

Isn't it funny, the crazy antics some people will pull to try to get a baby to smile for a photo? Sorry, Marc... she's not buying it.

Great Aunt Thelma and Grandma Arlene were thrilled to see our cute cousin, Jordan, and her boyfriend, Jake.

Our happy Myra.

The Handsome Hansen (and Larson) Men.

Cream Soda Floats for dessert. Allie and Sophie approve, I think.

Cowboy Marc: The One-Man Cleanup Show.

Daddy with an armful of little girls, the perfect ending to a great day!

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The King family said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day for your family. I wish I could have been there. We were out of town. But I was thinking of you all.