Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Our Week

What we've been up to:

I LET OUR CAMERA BATTERY DIE. Yeah, so you're going to get lots of non-picture events, and a couple of fuzzy iPhone photos.

OH MY ACHIN' BACK. I visited a spine doctor, because the pain I felt in my lower back during pregnancy hasn't gone away. I've had a weak back for years, made worse by poor stunting habits as a high school cheerleader, a car accident in Los Angeles, and now by carrying my second child in the womb. Turns out my lowest disc has degenerated (ouchie). I also have a slight scoliosis (small enough that the doctor isn't worried, but pronounced enough for a medical dumdum like me to actually see it in the x-ray); the way my spine curves could possibly have something to do with hauling kids around on my left side all the time, making it easier to do things with my right hand. Moral of the story: no biggee. I start physical therapy tomorrow morning.

ALL-AMERICAN APPLE PIE. One of my autumnal goals is to learn to make apple pie. Pie crust intimidates me. There's all this "keep the butter chilled" pressure and rolling pin action and so on. So I started slow for Apple Pie Round One, focusing on the filling and using refrigerated pie crust dough from the grocery. Guess what? Turned out pretty darn yummy.

I'M A PIG. I personally ate 3/4 of the aforementioned apple pie.

PLAYLAND ISN'T ALL FUN AND GAMES. Don't even ask me how we ended up at the McDonald's Playland a few days ago. But there we were, watching Sophie eat her chicken nugget kids meal. Post-Happy Meal, the Kiddo ditched her Converse and started climbing through the maze of tubes, waving from the bubble windows on her way up to the top of the slide. Then, at the most unreachable spot, she f.r.e.a.k.e.d! Our friend happened to be there, and sent her kid in for Sophie Recon, but he failed. She was screaming so painfully, it was down to Mission: Parent Rescue. I offered, but Michael was wearing less new clothing, so he squished and wiggled through the twists and turns to save his princess. When little kids met up with him, they slithered through his arms and legs! It was a hilarious show for all of the lunch-hour parents seated below.

I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but that is Michael's body in the windows. He's coaxing Sophie.

Finally near the end!
They made it! Soph acted like there was never a problem to begin with. Michael actually came out all smiles, and I saw a small glimpse of Kid Michael. I honestly think he had fun crawling around in there!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLIE! We celebrated with our cousin friend at her Dog and Cat party. Jenni did an amazing job with the themed details: the kids ate out of doggie dishes, they all brought their favorite stuffed animal, Kirsten and Tom made photo ID tags for their "pets," and the kicker was when big sister Megan (a college student) was sport enough to dress up in a full-on doggie mascot costume to thrill the kiddos. After the party, the dads took the girls to their respective football games (Tom/Allie: BYU, Michael/Sophie: Utah) so Jenni and I spent the rest of the day shopping, hitting a salad bar and "verbally barfing up" our biggest complaints (not too many right now, actually) and relationship analyzations and goals (always too many). Y'know, stuff you do with friends.

GREAT SUNDAY. Millie actually slept in her carseat through all three hours of church today! This gave me the unique opportunity to actually sit in our entire YW meeting. I know I was meant to be there today. Elder Koelliker, our church's Area President for South Africa, spoke to our group of young men and young women about his experiences. This was an unusual opportunity; he happened to be in town visiting his son, our YM president. You guys, Africa is amazing. His photos, his stories... so inspiring. I was awestruck, and near tears, on the edge of my seat the whole time. The African people sacrifice so much, live with simple humility, and have incredible faith. I want to go...

SCOUT GRADUATION. Tonight, Michael's boys earned their Arrow of Light and will advance from Cubs to real Scouts. I'm sure I'm not using the correct terminology, but you get the idea. We spent the evening doing silly scout claps and stuff. So fun! Sophie loves it. Well, we all do, actually. When they announced that Michael has agreed to graduate with the boys and continue working with them through their Eagle Scout, the crowd cheered. Whooped and hollered and everything. He's really making a difference with those boys. We love them so much.

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Meg said...

So sorry about your back! Ouch! Any back pain is bad, especially with 2 kids to pick up all the time. Your McDonald's story reminded me of the time Claire got scared and I had to go in after her...while I was 7 months pregnant with Sophie. Very tricky....your family looks so cute.