Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Michael!

I do a lot of husband-gushing on my blog (and real life). I realize this, and I don't apologize about it. The truth is, I'm twitterpated.

He'd be really embarassed if he knew I was posting this, but I've got to get it all in for my blogbook journal.

I feel really lucky to have Michael. It is funny, yesterday for his birthday he took ME out on an amazing date. We had the best time, just the two of us, and all night I felt lucky to have a fabulous husband. Then today, due to some circumstances I won't go into, I was reminded how lucky I am to have married a man that is such a great father to his two girls.

He didn't want a gift this year (eh, I got him one anyway). I also made him a little book, with a few things I love about him, with corresponding photos. Here's what I included (of course, this is an abbreviated list):

He's cute. (c'mon)

He serves others, always willing to lend a hand. (This is the group of scouts he's worked with for four years, and was just recruited to work with 'til they get their Eagle Scout awards. He loves these boys, spoils 'em rotten, and they really admire him.)

He's smart. (Graduation day, MBA from Pepperdine with a certificate in Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration)

He's outdoorsy. (Before our first date, he told me he liked to fly fish and I was smitten! Here he is in Argentina.)

He served an honorable mission. (Uh...)

He is a hard worker. (Sophie used to just stare at him using the snowblower. Now she loves to watch him mow the lawn. He's a crazy hard labor-er.)

He's a GREAT dad. (He admitted this was one of the greatest moments of his life. I told him it was one of mine, too.)

He's always up for a good time. (Sophie's first birthday party. That slip 'n' slide was supposed to be for the kids.)

He's athletic. (Not only was he a supercute high school footballer, he now wakes up every morning to do training or biking at 6-freaking-a.m. with his buddies. I admire that. From my cozy warm bed.)

He'll do ANYTHING to make me happy. (I don't know how this cowgirl horse fanatic married a guy that hates horses. I can't believe I was mean enough to make him go for a trail ride on our last visit to my hometown. I asked the wranglers to give him the sweetest, oldest, tamest horse. His ride ended up being the most tempermental of all, poor guy!)

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