Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gorge Highlights

Another awesome weekend at the Gorge! This time, it was just our little family, so we traded crazy cousin fun for some quiet time. One highlight: the most absolutely amazing lightning storm imaginable. We were surrounded on all sides by a magical light show; it was so inspiring! Hubby and Kiddo sacked out on the bed upstairs under the big window with the best view.

Another highlight:

Kickoff of crispy cobbler season! Around late summer, I start itching for this yummy treat that I make regularly through chilly season. I basically throw in a bunch of fruit (this time I used amazing peaches, raspberries and blackberries fresh from the farmer's market) and cover with my crust recipe, which is a mix of oats and nuts and yellow cake mix with butter. Of course, it must be accessorized with vanilla ice cream!

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LaLona said...

Will you post your recipe??? Sounds yummy!!