Friday, July 17, 2009

I've traveled the world, but my heart rests at Flaming Gorge. Each summer (well, all the seasons, really) we wish we could spend just a few more moments at our favorite place, where my wild spirit and outdoorsy soul is renewed and my husband's childlike nature is reinvigorated.

Here's why we love this place:
  • Fly-fishing (or just plain floating) the Green River. I usually bust out a Pocahontas song along the way at some point.
  • Wakeboarding on the lake. After years of struggling with wicked faceplants and serious bathing suit wedgies, I rock. Well, I can get up and over the wake anyway.
  • Hiking and exploring. See final paragraph of this post.
  • Cozy-by-the-fireplace time. aaaaaaah.
  • Off-roading. This is a new one, but with the old Jeep we keep up there, I'm sure this pastime will not disappoint on future trips.

Once Millie passed her two week inspection by the pediatrician, and I was approved by my doctor, we hit the road for the Fourth of July weekend. We stopped at the outlets, and I had a "Mommy Martyr" moment realizing every single family member got fun stuff... except me. Everyone feel sorry for me.

We also made the traditional stop at the Evanston, WY Wal-Mart for some random items (this time: bananas and a baby swing, of course). Man, it is fun to people watch and product mock there... raise your hand if you need a Nascar wall clock or a fuzzy bedspread with your favorite pro wrestler.

This is a great "Baby's First Cabin Trip" shot with Michael's dad:

My activity was limited on this trip, partly because of my surgery recovery but mostly because I'm an exhausted mommy of a newborn. So I played Party Pooper (every party needs one...) and slept with Millie while everyone else hit the fireworks. I also opted out of what looked like a fun boat ride on the lake (minus a minor equipment kerscuffle at the end).

Someone looks happy to be back on the water:

Someone else is still deciding:

Laid back:

A few years ago when we had our church's Young Men and Young Women groups up for Youth Conference, Michael built an awesome rock fire pit. This trip, s'mores over the fire were a hit with the entire family! Now I have all these dreams about stocking the place with fun s'mores variation ingredients, like peanut butter cups and bananas and skor bars. Any other suggestions?

At the cabin, wearing leopard print with denim and red gingham is, like, totally okay. But only if you're also sporting double Hello Kitty band-aids on your knees.

I'm missing the photos of Allison's Dumbest Decision-Making Ever. As previously mentioned, this trip was just two weeks after the c-section, so I'm still in the "take it easy" time window. To give you a clue, the doctor has barely allowed me to start driving. Oh, and unloading the stinkin' dishwasher. Ugh, I'm getting so ANTSY! But when the idea of going on our favorite hike to the lake came up, I decided I could totally handle it. After all, it is only three miles round-trip, with minimal ups and downs. I'm Superwoman. Or an idiot. Yup, idiot.


JenSwen said...

I vote for Superwoman. (But I'm sort of an idiot so bear that in mind.)

I can't believe how beautiful that grass looks!

Joni Marie Marshall said...

What a fun trip! And wow that you went so soon after Millie was born. That qualifies you for Superwoman status already!

Larson Love said...

Can I second that! Both my heart rests there and you are indeed SUPERWOMAN!!!